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Urban Sci-FI Bar Environment

I have designed and created a futuristic sci-fi bar for the Grads in Games Rising Star 2019 Environment art competition.

The bar is located down a backstreet of an urban sci-fi city. Inspiration for my environment comes from Star Wars 1313 concept art and Blade Runner, which I tried to incorporate into the look of my scene. I used a realistic PBR style when texturing the scene, with a focus on metallic surfaces, realistic edge-wear and dirt build-up.

(Sketchbook showing the development of the whole project:

For this project I wanted to focus on developing my hard-surface modelling skills, as well as working with the lighting in Unreal Engine 4, to produce some interesting interactions between the lights and materials. Furthermore, I also focused on bringing my scene to life by creating aspects of the scene that move and rotate.